Skandha Cow Desi Ghee 200ML

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Skandha Cow Ghee
Skandha Cow Desi Ghee is made of cow’s pure & fresh milk using the traditional standards, the cows are kept in a stress free environment. … Desi Ghee: Is best for cooking Is considered as satvic food Contains healthy fat soluble vitamins which aids in the absorption of nutrients in foods and are essential for good health.



This ghee has been manufactured from indigenous cows only. This is manufactured by traditional Hand churned method.No machines and no chemical used.Ghee is a must buy product in the households. It is widely used in India to make food tasty. It is served with rice, khichdi and dal. In summer it is poured in Aamras to make it palatable.

Skandha cow Desi Ghee
200 ml – Rs. 135/-





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